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FOOD-SAFE is now part of arbite software services ltd

Whether you need a fast method of producing an approved food safety plan, a full HACCP plan for product certification, a system to manage your food safety data or a product development and management system, our modular software provides everything you need from risk analysis to data analytics in a simple, intuitive online environment.

So, if you are a food business operator, consultant, production manager, regulatory officer, food safety manager, food distribution, supermarket food safety, audit specialist, food business strategist, planner or executive we have the potential to make your life a whole lot easier.

With simple, logical workflows that enable rapid data input and analysis,  internet connectivity to capture data quickly and efficiently from any or many locations, and powerful analysis and reporting software that puts you in control of every part of your food safety programme, from any location.

Our online libraries and news feed agents give you access to up to date food safety information, and all your regulation and compliance data is available at the click of a mouse button. We take the risk out of risk analysis by using smart software to lead you though the process quickly and safely.  

If that wansn't enough our data management module will manage all of the data you gather in your day to day operations, it will store, analyse and report, it will show your strengths and risks, it will generate food safety reports for regualtory visits and will keep a safety check on your operations whether you have one kitchen or a hundred production lines in several countries.

For good measure, our food product management system helps you develop and manage every aspect of new and existing products from supplier compliance to allergenic and food nutrition data, to product safety testing, recall procedures and accurate cost and pricing data.

Combining smart accessible software with internet connected technology and powerful data analytics we offer a new standard in food safety.

Levelling the field - "Making advanced food safety systems widely accessible at affordable cost makes it possible for all organisations to achieve higher standards without burdening the business with time consuming process and procedure".