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RISK Analysis

The fundamental core of any safety plan is Risk Assessment and Analysis

This module makes it easy to complete food safety risk in your business. It logically and comprehensively leads you through every aspect of risk assessment including:- safety and suitability of buildings, pre-requisites necessary to produce food safely, manages and monitors staff, products, microbiology, contamination risk, allergens and dozens of other parameters necesary for both EHO compliance and full food safety risk assessment for production environments.

During the risk assessment process you can store, recall, amend, add modify, duplicate and re-assess risk at any time storing the data and reports safely online.

The module uses workflow to lead you through the process, allows you to stop and start and keep track of progress.

There are integrated online data references, which you can add to and modify. This links to regulatory and compliance information to help in your risk assessment journey. You can create and save project specifications, look up approved testing laboratories, develop or use pre-loaded policies for risk factors like pest control, waste management, in fact, everything you need to comply with the law and keep proper records.

Processes are all explained so you understand and properly comply with things like verification, validation or specific legal requirements. This software will help you with internal or external audits, will show your risks or incomplete components of the plan. We even include support by emial to address any issues you may have either with the process or the content.

The system provides extensive reporting tools that allow you to generate specific or bespoke reports to help with regulatory bodies such as local authorities

At the end of the process the system will look at how significant the risks are and whether they constitute a critical point in the workflow If they do then they are marked as such and it is necessary to illiterate the risk, define the control limits, have some means of measuring the controls and have a clear plan for correcting if things go wrong. Our Risk Assessment Module will look at any and all processes in your workflow and walk you through the steps necessary to develop your very own cunning plan

Example of possible risks in a food safety plan

None    - No risk exists
Biological - 
Exposure to biological factors such as microorganisms, viruses, funghi, moulds.
Chemical -
Exposure to chemical contamination - contamination on the inbound product and how you check and deal with it.
Physical - 
Exposure to risk from physical & foreign bodies - detailed polcy on glass and plastics for example.
Allergenic - 
Does the product carry an inherent food borne risk
Alien - 
Has anyone else been in contact with or around the product ?

There are literally hundreds of factors that affect how compliant your production process is, so whether you operate a pub or a homemade jam kitchen or a plant producing 10,000 fishfingers a day our risk analysis software leads you through the process-safely.