This module is designed to provide a digital interface to your plan. It is the practical implementation of your safety system. It provides the data entry, analysis and reporting tools for your complete system.

Once you have identified the stages in your process that present risk you need to think clearly about how to manage that risk without it becoming either burdensome or bogged down with paperwork that gets lost or misplaced. Our process management software module customises your business operation. Whether you have a single food preperation kitchen or many or a scaled up production plant with many methods and processes.

  • Supplier Database and their food safety information.
  • Inbound Product Check   
  • Product Storage
  • Ingredient Database
  • Methods, Recipes & Process Data
  • Product Handling
  • Product Presentation
  • Product Shipping
  • Product Recall / Customer Complaints
  • Temperature Records & Methods
  • Cleaning Records and COSHH
  • Microbiology & Swab Testing Records
  • Pest Control Records
  • Waste Control
  • Standing Policies and Procedures
  • Staff Training & Records

Module 2 - Process Management image