Our Solutions are Modular, this means that you can choose how simple or complex you want your solution to be. Behind the scenes, all data is linked for analysis & reporting. 

You have the choice to add options and further modules as necessary. This technique allows you to use proven technology to impement simple solutions for immediate problems or to engineer a business wide infrastructure to grow and adapt as your business needs change.

Software Modules

Risk Analysis - Test your process step by step to clearly identify and manage hazards and control points, use online resources to plan, record and report on your risk assessment. Store methods and processes for later use, report on process steps, supporting data and risk for regulatory authorities and detailed audits.

Data Management - Online data and support resources to manage your data needs from start to finish. All of the necessary data at your fingertips from any or many locations.

Product Management - Manage data on products including key data such as product specifications, suppliers, important contacts, real time product pricing and costs, specifications, allergen and nutrition data, methods, menus etc (i.e consistently managing products you make)

Feel free to contact us for a comprehensive list of Modules and Features