Think of "workflow" and suddenly solving complex problems becomes easy. 

Your products and services go through a logical process from begining to end (from Purchase to Sale); we provide an online software solution that helps connect, simplify and report on all or any part of your process. So, whether it's an online automated risk analysis or critical process & data storage or a full product management system our software takes the risk out of the process by using logical workflow and analysis. 

Our software includes modules that make it easy to manage and monitor key parts of your business for example; risk assessment of each process step, producing an overall food safety risk assessment, full data gathering, storage & reporting of all critical information and a comprehensive product management system that takes risk out of every product you produce.

Our software is designed to be minimally intrusive that means staff can immediately see the benefit, the time saving, the peace of mind, the convenience of finding information quickly. Its easy to record temperatures, staff training, pest control, policy statements, recipies and formulations and a host of other information instantly. In simple terms it goes well beyond compliance towards improving operational efficiency and profit. 

The software brings enhanced functionality and safety such as nutrition data, allergen information, and food safety strategies directly in line with your business requirements.

Imagine if you could produce a complete compliance report within a few minutes of an unannounced regulatory visit, or conduct an internal audit at the press of a button or instantly review cleaning records in any of your locations, or check quality or price or source of any inbound products from any location. Real time, live, meaningful data. You can identify and manage training needs, pest control visits, in essence you are able to monitor critical information, support staff, and bring a level of confidence that makes your business work better.

Its not just about avoiding punative legal action its about providing safe food for customers to enjoy.